‘Biomethane production increased by 22% in 2023’

The volume of biomethane produced in 2023 is 280,200,000 m3. This is equivalent to 0.28 BCM and represents a growth of 22% compared to 2022. This has been announced by the Dutch grid operators. The growth is partly due to several new biomethane feeders that have entered the Dutch market.

In the letter to the House of Representatives that outgoing minister Rob Jetten presented on 6 February, he reaffirms that green gas is an important building block in a sustainable and robust energy, raw materials and agricultural system. The production and use of green gas helps the Netherlands to become independent of natural gas imports. In addition, it contributes to CO2 reduction, which is crucial for achieving the Dutch climate goals.

From 2 BCM to 1.1 BCM biomethane production
The letter to the House of Representatives also shows that the target of blending into the gas network in 2030 has been adjusted downwards: from 1.6 BCM (5.5 Mton CO2) to 1.1 BCM (3.8 Mton CO2). This is partly due to the fact that the obligation will take effect a year later and long permit processes will be taken into account. Despite this adjustment, the ambition is still to scale up total production to 2 BCM by 2030. A challenge that the sector, chain partners and the government are jointly working on.