About Nature Energy

Nature Energy is originally a Danish company founded in 1979. Today, Nature Energy has 500 employees and operates 13 biogas plants located throughout Denmark, and owns and operates one plant in the Netherlands while more projects are in the pipeline.  Nature Energy’s biogas plants treated more than 4.7 million tons of biomass – waste from agriculture, industry and households – in 2022, converting it into more than 185 million m3 of green gas. That much biogas could be used to fuel almost 8,200 busses driving 50,000 kilometers per year, or to heat 160,000 homes. This can directly replace fossil fuels.

What does Nature Energy stand for?

The positive cooperation with the local farmers, companies and citizens is highly valued when Nature Energy enters a local community. For example, Nature Energy strives to uses the local farmers’ livestock manure and waste from nearby industry and citizens to convert into climate-friendly biogas. It is also important for us to, when possible, hire employees that live locally and in the vicinity of our plants. 

The Dutch Nature Energy Team

The employees who work to develop Nature Energy’s projects in the Netherlands are based in the Netherlands. The local team has many years’ experience in energy projects and agriculture. They have a strong network and knowledge of the Dutch market.